Antoinette's Concierge

                 "Lending you a helping hand"

                    P.O. Box 235072
               Honolulu, Hawaii 96823-3501
              phone: 808-382-2199

     Relief...Stress Free...Peace...
Looking for someone to help you with mundane tasks?  Need a helping hand?

 Then Antoinette's Concierge is here to serve you!  We provide professional and "personal" concierge services to busy individuals, families, professionals and seniors across the island of Oahu.

 As your Personal Assistant, we are committed to helping you get more out of your day and alleviating your stress.

Call us today and find out how we can help you spend more quality time with the things that matter most!

Concierge Services are offered to those who need assistance whether it be for pleasure or out of necessity. From hotel guests who want a specific meal not listed on the menu to senior citizens who need companionship, concierge services are available to take care of your needs.  It is for everyone!

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